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SpecialtiesFurther Education for the Dives you Love!

specialty diver

Prerequisites for all specialties:

12 years old for Junior Specialty

15 years old for Specialty

Be at least an open water diver



* Send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to do more than one specialty. There's awesome discounts for combining specialties!!!

Nitrox Diver

Enriched Air Nitrox

When you use enriched air the percentage of oxygen is higher than the standard 21%. In this course you will get certified to use up to a maximum of 40% oxygen in your tanks.

What are the benefits? Because the intake of nitrogen is lower it reduces the risk of decompression sickness and it also has the possibility to increase your time underwater. In this course you will learn to plan accordingly to the mix of gas you are using and will also learn why and how the maximum times at different depths vary.

We will also teach you how to analyze the tanks that you are going to use and how to program your computer accordingly.

Price: 6000THB

(incl. 2 dives with EANx)

Deep Diver

Deep Diving

Do you want to be able to go a bit deeper and reach the limits of recreational diving? This is the specialty for you! Over the course of 2 days you will go on 4 dives - 2 between 18 and 30m. and 2 between 30 and 40m. Once you are finished you will get your license and will be allowed to go down to maximum 40m. anywhere in the world.

We can tell you that is it a lot of fun to learn about nitrogen narcosis and see how it affects you at different depths!

Price: 7500THB

Wreck Diver

Wreck Diving

Do you want to be able to explore underwater wrecks? This is your course! We will take you to see the Sattakut and show you the dangers of wreck diving so you can be safe around a sunken ship, plane, car…

Wreck diving can be a bit spooky sometimes but that just makes it all that much more interesting!

Price: 6500THB

Perfect Buoyancy

Perfect Buoyancy

One of the most fun things of been underwater is the fact that we can feel like flying while we cruise around floating as if gravity didn’t exist. If you want to get better at it, take this course (2 dives) and keep practicing - the more you do it, the better you will get!

It is also a giant step into getting a much more efficient air consumption.

Price: 6800THB

Digital Photography


Do you like to immortalize your memories? Take your Underwater Photography specialty and you will be able to do so while diving as well.
The camera is included in the price and we will teach you how to use it before getting in the water. While diving, we will help by pointing at different things that you might wanna take photos of, and afterwards we will have a review session of them, as well as give them to you in whatever format you want.

  • We recommend the Buoyancy Specialty before taking Photography
  • This specialty does not make you a photographer. It is only the first basic step towards it.

Price: 8000THB

(incl. 2 dives and camera rental)



Would you like to be able to find your way without a dive leader? Take this specialty and learn how to use a compass and some other navigation techniques that are used for scuba diving. After you have learned the basics, you better start practicing at any chance you have! Perfect navigation is only achieved by repetition.

Price: 6800THB

(incl. 2 dives)

Night Diver

Night & Limited visibility

In this course we will take you out after the sun has set and with the help of a torch we will go discover the wonderful creatures that come out at night. All the day animals go to sleep when it’s dark and the night predators wonder around freely. The scenery and the colors are also completely different at night.
Night diving is usually one of the most amazing kinds of diving that anyone can get to experience. Get specialized on it!

Price: 6800THB

(incl. 2 night dives)

Shark Specialty

Shark Specialty

Do you love sharks as much as we do?? This course doesn’t involve any diving, so anyone can take it and learn more about these fascinating creatures. During the classroom session we will tell you about the different kinds of sharks, their habits, their lifestyle… and we will give you some tips on how we can make a difference in our oceans by protecting them. We will also talk about diving with sharks and what to do and not to do with different species.

SSI created this project together with SHARK PROJECT and they are donating 10% of the income of this specialty to shark preservation. Help the sharks by getting your license!

Price: 3000THB

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