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Depth: 14 to 35m
Level: Intermediate

It is indeed one of the best spots about Koh Tao and it’s only a 45 minute boat ride away. The dive site is composed by one big main pinnacle and an extra one which we call Barracuda Rock.

Chumphon is very rich in marine life, the pinnacle itself is covered in anemones and all the creatures that live in them. It is also a great spot for bigger schools and bigger fish, such as chevron barracuda, pickhandle barracuda, meckerel, rainbow fish, trevally… If you are lucky you will see some of them hunting for smaller fish during the day which makes for some spectacular action.

Chumphon is also the place where you are more likely to see the biggest fish in the ocean: the majestic whaleshark.


Depth: 5 to 28m
Level: Intermediate

Southwest is also located at about 45 minutes from Koh Tao on a boat. The marine life is similar to what you can find in Chumphon, but the scenery is quite different. There is one main pinnacle and quite a few smaller ones.
On this divesite is quite common to spot cobias, schools of squid and some razor fish on the sand, as well as giant groupers.

Also, if you have a compass and you know the right heading, you can visit Soutwest’s Secret Pinnacle which is only a 5 minute swim away. How cool is that?

Shark Island

Depth: 0 to 25m
Level: Intermediate / Advanced

It is a little island situated on the Southeast side of Koh Tao. Its name is believed to come from the fact that the silhouette resembles a shark fin.

Shark Island is a very big dive site with different marine life around it, which makes it ideal for a double dive. On the South side, the common currents allow the growth of awesome colorful soft corals that can’t be found anywhere else on Koh Tao. Also, these currents bring lots of nutrients so the presence of bigger fish is almost guaranteed - big groupers, schools of barracuda, different kinds of rays and even the rare black tip reef shark.
On the northern side, you will be able to see schools of butterfly fish (it’s the only place on Koh Tao where they school), schools of batfish, lots of awesome nudibranchs and fascinating triggerfish (be careful with them, they get a bit aggressive sometimes).

White Rock

Depth: 5 to 25m
Level: Beginner / Intermediate

White Rock is one of the biggest dive sites on Koh Tao. It is formed by White Rock North and White Rock South and they are separated by a sandy patch which is commonly used to perform skills on the different courses.
In White Rock North you will be able to dive around the white rock that gives name to the dive site and explore around to see if you are lucky enough to find the resident turtle. He will definitely be there at night because he sleeps there!

In White Rock South, you will be astonished by the beautiful corals and you will be able to visit the little swimthrough and see what fish are hiding in there.

The most common fish on White Rock are groupers, banner fish, butterfly fish and trigger fish. It is also quite usual to find porcupine fish, stingrays, moray eels and filefish. Lots of variety!

HTMS Sattakut

Depth: 20 to 30m
Level: Advanced

She was sunk on June 2011 and now lays South of White Rock (it’s usually a 5 to 7 minutes swim). She is about 50m long and  7m wide and attracts many divers everyday as it’s a relatively easy wreck to dive.

If you like wreck diving or partaking in new and exciting adventures, you will love taking a closer look to the captain’s cabin and the 2 big guns that are still on each end of the wreck. It is definitely a very unique site on Koh Tao!

Take your Advanced course or your Wreck Specialty and go visit our wreck!

Green Rock

Depth: 5 to 30m
Level: Intermediate

Green Rock has two very different highlights: swimthroughs and trigger fish.
If you enjoy swimming through small crevices and connecting caves, this is your dive site. It has plenty different ones that will test your buoyancy and which are usually busy with fish and other creatures as they seek shelter from the currents. It is a very special and unique scenery as all the walls are colored purple, green and yellow due to the marine life.

Green Rock is as well the trigger fish favorite place to breed, so just outside the main rock formations you can swim around the many trigger pits. Be very cautious while doing that because on mating season they can become aggressive. Make sure to always follow your dive leader’s instructions.

In rare occasions you might actually be able to see box fish and sea snakes. Fascinating creatures!

Red Rock

Depth: 0 to 20m
Level: Beginner / Intermediate

The main attraction of this dive site is a 15m swimthrough with different entries and exits. It is best visited on a sunny day as the rays make it through the crevices and illuminate the whole cave.
Japanese Gardens is the dive site right next to Red Rock, so sometimes they are both dived in the same dive - start at Red Rock, finish at “Japs”.

Japanese Gardens

Depth: 2 to 15m
Level: Beginner

Nowadays this dive site is mainly used for training purposes or as the ending of a dive which started in Red Rock. It is a very sheltered dive site situated by Koh Nang Yuan Island which makes it ideal for beginners.

Its name comes from the coral formations, so nice and varied that they resemble a Japanese Garden. If you are a coral fan, don’t miss out on the opportunity of diving here!

Mango Bay

Depth: 2 to 16m
Level: Beginner

This bay is also very popular amongst beginners (and also snorkelers) as it is quite easy to dive here and at the same time there is plenty to see. The coral formations are beautiful and give shelter to a variety of marine life. If you are lucky enough you might spot the rare sea horse or cuttlefish swimming around on the sandy areas.

Hin Wong pinnacle

Depth: 10 to 35m
Level: Intermediate

The dive site is formed by several pinnacles covered by sea fans and whip corals which makes it very different in scenery compared to the other pinnacles around Koh Tao. It also gets occasional currents, so some parts are also completely covered by shiny blue soft corals.

There is a resident green turtle that has been here for years and the occasional hawksbill turtle as well, so it’s always a good opportunity to try to have an encounter with these peaceful animals.


Depth: 4 to 20m
Level: Beginner

A very beautiful and yet easy dive site which makes it ideal for beginners. Twins is formed by 3 main small pinnacles and it’s situated on the West side of Koh Nang Yuan. It is the home of plenty of fish and other creatures - stingrays, moray eels, scorpion fish, batfish… Sometimes the occasional turtle cruises around trying to find something to eat.

North of Twins there is an artificial reef called Buoyancy World which is the perfect place to improve your buoyancy while playing with the different “obstacles”.

Sail Rock

Depth: 0 to 40m
Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Sail Rock is considered the best dive site in the gulf of Thailand and we usually run special day trips there (weather dependent). From Koh Tao it takes about 2 hours to get to the little rock that sticks out 15m above the water in the middle of the sea.

One of the main features of the dive site is a vertical swimthrough which we call Chimney that starts at 6m, has another entry/exit at 12m and one more opening at 18m. Going down or coming back up through it is truly a wonderful and very colorful experience as the walls are covered with marine life.

The amount of fish that can be seen at Sail Rock is amazing and we specially like the pelagic life… Big schools of chevron and pickhandle barracuda, mackerel, jacks, tuna and many more. If you are lucky you might encounter some cobias or even the rare Bull Shark. It is also a good spot for the seasonal whale sharks.

Enjoy Koh Tao

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