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Scuba ReviewRefresh your Diving Skills

Open water diver

If you are a certified diver but you haven’t been diving within the last year, it is mandatory to take part in a Scuba Review. The first part will refresh you on the diving theory and scuba gear assembly. After this, you will jump in the pool for a brief skill circuit with your instructor.


A Scuba Review is usually around 2 hours long, but the duration will vary depending on your needs. We will make sure that you are totally ready and comfortable in the pool before going in a dive in the ocean.

If you have been diving at any point during the last year, but you would like to take a refresher anyway, there is no problem in doing so! Book your Scuba Review and we will make sure you are totally confident in your skills again.

Price:  1500THB


Advanced Courses

  • Advanced Adventurer

    Advanced Adventurer This course is for Open Water divers who want to extend their diving knowledge as well as their capabilities. To become an Advanced Adventurer you will have to complete 5 specialty dives within 2 or 3 days.
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  • Stress & Rescue

    Stress & Rescue The Stress & Rescue course is a very unique and helpful experience. It will forever change your way of diving as you go from being “only” a good diver, to being a fully aware diver who takes care of his buddies and who is capable of managing and even avoiding stressful situations.
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  • Specialties

    Specialties Expand your diving knowledge and skills. Find something that you want to learn more about.
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  • Go Pro Courses

    Go Pro Courses Take diving to the next level. Go Pro and learn how to teach diving.
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