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Resort DiveTry Diving with Us

Try scuba diving


1 day (1 or 2 dives)
Maximum 4 students
Maximum depth 12m.


Minimum 10 years old

  • If you are not certified and not sure you want to be…
  • If you don’t have enough time…
  • If you are a bit scared and not sure if diving is for you…

This is the course you are looking for! Take our 1 day Resort Dive!

You will be attending a short classroom explaining the basics of diving to make sure you are safe and ready to have some fun. After that, we will take you in the pool and will teach you a couple of the most basic skills while making sure you are feeling comfortable underwater. However, don’t think we will leave you on your own!! You will be permanently under the direct supervision of an instructor who will make sure that everything is going according to plan and that you are enjoying your first time in the ocean.

If you love it (as you most definitely will!) you can then do extra Resort Dives without having to repeat the classroom and the pool session, or you can also decide to continue on and take your Open Water course to get your first diving license.

Price:  2200THB (1 Dive) / 3000THB (2Dives)


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