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Our ShopWelcome to Chic Diving

chic office


This is our second office which we opened in March 2015 and it is in the heart of Mae Haad, only 50 meters away from the main pier, right around the corner from 7 eleven between the up and the down road.
Our office is open from 9am until 7pm so when your boat arrives you can just walk up to us and have a cold glass of water while you sit on our comfortable couch. If you have booked already we will arrange a taxi for you to go to your accommodation. If you haven’t booked with us yet, this is the time to ask all the questions you can think of and our patient and knowledgeable staff will try and answer all of them. We offer many different options, so we can hopefully find something that suits you!


Equipment room

Our equipment room is full of the latest and fanciest gear on Koh Tao! Everything is brand new and very well taken care of by one of our employees whose job is to keep everything well maintained and organized. He also washes the equipment after the dives and then puts everything back in place.
At the moment, we have 20 sets of gear with sizes going from extra-small to extra-large and 60 tanks including 10, 12 and 15 liter tanks. If there is anything special that you need (a prescription mask for example), let us know and we will get it for you.
Enjoy the best diving with the best equipment!

equipment room


Dive Training Pool


It is without doubt the best diving pool on Koh Tao!! It has been totally designed having in mind the needs of our dive shop and we are very proud of it!

This oval shaped beauty is 14 meters long and 11 meters wide, and it has 3 different levels - the shallow level is 1.4 meters and it is perfect for all the shallow confined skills and to get comfortable with breathing underwater. The medium level has a depth of 2.5 meters and that’s where we conduct most part of the deep confined sessions. The deepest level occupies half of the swimming pool and it is 3.5 meters deep!! That makes it the perfect spot to practice buoyancy, some ascents and fun underwater games, everyone loves spending time on that level!

An added plus of our pool is that it is not a chlorine pool, but a salt one which is way more natural if you feel like opening your eyes underwater without a mask on. On addition, it also gives you a better idea of the amount of weights you are going to need later on when we are ready to go to the ocean.

Don’t you feel like diving in it already??



We have two semicircular classrooms which can fit 6 students each. 

There’s only one wall in each classroom and huge windows cover all the rest. They are situated at the same level than the pool and the view from them is stunning!! One of the classrooms overlooks the diving pool on one side and Sairee bay on the other end of the semicircle. The other classroom overlooks the pool bar and it has a very awesome view of the sunset over Sairee Beach. Which one do you want to use? Maybe one day each? Your choice!

Each classroom has a white board to help the instructor visually explain some of the concepts and a flat screen TV to play any videos that are part of the course. However, if you don’t feel like doing your homework in the classroom, you can just do it when you are back in your room or maybe go sit by the pool while you are at it. We can also facilitate the videos in a USB stick for you and then it’s your choice how, when and where you watch them.

This is still your holiday after all!

Class Room


Graffitti Boat

The Graffitti Boat

We have the biggest, most awesome and absolutely BEST boat on Koh Tao!

It features two floors. The ground floor is for diving purposes with all our tanks and gear.
his is also where our luxurious bathroom is located with flushing toilet (western style) and fresh shower.

On this floor, we also operate the compressor so there are always enough tanks for all our dives.

On the top floor, we have a refreshment area with juices and snacks available and this is where we spend our time between dives and do our briefings.
We have speakers and wifi as well to make the experience even more special! The top floor is also covered, so it's always possible to find some shade for those who don't want to spend the whole time under the boat.

You have to be on our Graffiti Boat to understand how unique and amazing it is. Book your dives with us today!

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